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You have the drive
for more impact & you're ready to unapologetically
make more money doing it.

You've been in your business for a bit, maybe you're full time. 

You've had the months$3000, $5000, $7500, maybe even hit your first 5-figure month!

But, while you know you are meant to impact more lives [+ make more income], you know what you are doing isn’t sustainable or scaleable.

Great news! 
Those resources, coaches, and programs have helped you get right where you're at, but in order to grow your impact + scale your income even more... you need this.

Well, thank you universe- you are in the right spot!

Impact to Income Academy,
will take you from feeling debatably burnt out, spinning your wheels, knowing your single offer isn't a sustainable long-term business to becoming a confident CEO as you grow, execute, scale and make the money you know you deserve. 

This intense hybrid coaching program starts February 8th + will teach you how to strengthen the 3-Pillars of a Successful Online Coaching Business, impact more people, and finally scale your business to 6-figures and beyond. 

LET'S GO (full payment)

 Are You:

o  An online coach who knows you're meant to impact more people's lives? add another revenue stream? but unsure how?

o  Wondering how in the world people do the exact same thing you do, yet are making multiple 6-figures and beyond a year?

o  A bit worried about an even more saturated market? wondering how to not only stand out, but attract clients to you?

o  Wanting to make more money so you can actually enjoy the entrepreneur life and not work 12 hour days? or take a worry-free vacation?

I know exactly how you feel and this program was created to help you transform it all.

Hi! I'm Jenn- 

Impact to Income Academy was created for you,
because I was once there too...

I built a 6-figure business based on impacting women's lives- helping them conquer weight loss and transform their lives and I loved it.

My business was strong, women were signing up to work with me left and right (without me even selling or DMing!)...
but when I hit 52 one-on-one clients, I felt burnt out, stressed, and run down.

Yes- I reached multiple 5-figures a month but I couldn't take a day off, I felt stressed every time I traveled, and said "no" to fun more often than not.

Then it hit me... 
This isn't the life I thought I'd live when I decided to become an entrepreneur.

I saw entrepreneurs living the life they wanted, having the impact they were meant to have, and making a lot more money than I was and I needed to learn how.

I tapped into my 8 years of teaching experience, 2 post-graduate degrees in leadership, and brought it all into my business.

monetized my strengths, worked in my zone of genius, learned new strategies and tools to have a (sustainable) business and not a service, turned inward for the best strategies, and not only did I grow my impact, my business blew past the $100,000 mark and the best part... I had more time than ever before.

I was actually living life, traveling with no stress, thriving in all areas of life AND enjoying the income that came with the impact...THAT is what entrepreneurship is all about!

And you can have all of those things too.

 Imagine this... 

(I'm serious- close your eyes and imagine this.. I'll teach you the power of visualization in the Academy)

  • Pulling up your bank account with the amount you deserve to make in there
  • Owning + implementing proven strategies for success
  • Your business systems and processes run smoothly
  • Feeling 100% confident in selling your offers and hearing "YES" more than "no"
  • Having multiple revenue streams, and no longer just relying on one way of impacting people
  • Being a leader, known in your space, asked to speak on stages and podcasts
  • Booking that dream vacation and knowing your business can/will thrive when you take a week off

Who would you help? Who would you be?
How would you feel? How would your life change?

 This is how your business + life should be...

I WAS MEANT FOR THIS (one time payment)

Your Next Level of Success is Achieved Through These 3-Pillars


The online space doesn't need more coaches, it needs more leaders. Your impact in this world starts with YOU and your leadership. It's time to further develop yourself as a leader. We are going to define your leadership, leverage your strengths and monetize them in your business. Together we establish your brand, story, vision, why, and more.


A sustainable business requires multiple revenue streams (not only one on one coaching), a strong ass money mindset, and confidence with pricing. It's time for you to completely step into your financial power, live in abundance and be sure your impact matches your income. 


Own, learn, and implement your business strategies, systems, and processes to grow and scale your business to 6-figures and beyond. It's time for you to build strategies for sales, growth, social media, and leadership that are purposeful and actually work to grow your impact and scale your income.


What Else Does
Impact to Income Academy Entail? 

1-  12 weeks of hybrid coaching calls designed to teach you how to scale + coach you in your business,
just because these are group calls does not mean you do not get 1-1 attention

2-  Guest expert coaches teaching how they've built empires based on impact and how you can too

3- Bi-weekly coaching calls designed for one purpose only: to coach you and guide you 

yes... 2 live calls every single week

4- A private community where you're connected, guided, and supported by other successful entrepreneurs-
a rising tide lifts all ships, we are stronger together

5- A growing resource library (videos, work pages) to deepen your learning and application 
(once a teacher, always a teacher)

**Officially begin February 8th**

Call times are not yet set, upon sign up, you will receive an input form asking what times works best for you,
we are an expansive community all over the WORLD and Jenn attempts to make the times work for the majority.

* Upon joining, you will receive immediate access to video trainings

YES! It's finally time, in your business and life, for you...

...to set those big revenue goals and achieve them.

... to run your business like a boss, not a coach.

... to have raving fans that you attract and are excited to buy.

... to own your strategies and not just copy what someone else told you to do.

... be that confident leader dominating your space.

... live the abundant life you dream of.

YES, IT'S TIME! (full payment)

Enough from me, I'll let you hear about the transformations (business, life, financial) from the incredible leaders (once coaches) who have gone through the Academy...

You have to know, these men & women aren't any different than you. The only difference is they took a leap and invested in themselves with this program.


* When you join Impact to Income Academy,
you will have lifetime access to all training, information and live coaching, therefore, there are no refunds,returns or cancellations.

Questions? Want to Connect with Jenn?

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: TheJennKennedy
ext: (615) 492-2410


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